Despicable me 2 Funny Video HD + 3D

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Bruce Wayne says:

1:19 In your face slut! XD

cindyhunter5 says:

Lol ^O^

glorialenin1 says:

Hahahaha ho pop

zhihuima75 says:

oh Poop

Annie Saturn says:

Watch this video with auto captions on

Lucas ogasawara says:


boricua21421 says:


Osvaldo Jorge Delperchio says:

jajaj uiim buuenoo

Ronald Angara says:

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Ronald Angara says:


josearcos2011 says:

Wow that cool

doni eka putra says:

LOL Minions… whawhawhawha

bazsgirl2 says:

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thEAXleBlaZe says:

Read the description :P

carl minchella says:

That’s the 1st one

thEAXleBlaZe says:

I hope You are at wrong Place :P

Ivan Beginski says:

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briannadixon90 says:

Lol fuckin funny

Yura Gospodar says:

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Haya Almoamamar says:

I min lol

Haya Almoamamar says:


Yura Vursaba says:

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Moviezr says:

watch full movie here in semi HD quality
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Brittany Chavez says:


Kathleen Kelly says:

I love it❤

aeka villaruel says:


ramossan001 says:

This is from the first One !!!!
Not the second in !!!! Because I have the move, (he just skip the cast and all the other stuff.)

Erica Manzo says:

So funny I like it

TheCodeblu says:

That’s the first one reatardo

bradleyjohnston8 says:

Boooooooooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooooo  lollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollollol

JesseRoxII says:

It’s not 3-D.

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